Structured Wiring

In RedCorp/structured wiring we know wiring is the backbone of VoIP and data networks, that’s why when it comes to quality in transmission signal RedCorp helps you to choose the best market’s solution, always attempting your company to get the best cost-benefit ratio.

RedCorp / Structured wiring respects the brands’ homologation according to the features of your corporate. That’s why RedCorp offers a large range of solutions so you can choose the one that is approved by your company or we can support you to carry out other technologies.


● Wiring reinstall
● Changes, movements and implementations
● Update of obsolete wiring systems to recent technologies
● Active network equipment unification (Hubs, Routers, Bridges, Gateways, multiplexors, etc.)
● Network performance analysis and documentation
● System certification
● Network components tests and monitoring
● Place services program (Outsourcing)
● Structured wiring systems design and installation for:
* VoIP (Cat 3 and henceforth), Data (CAT 5e, 6, optic fiber, etc.), o Video (multifunction wiring, VoIP, data, or video on the same mean).
● Energy (balanced charges, physical ground, electric circuits, etc.)


● Cuadrillas entrenadas en el manejo del tiempo.
● Trained quadrille in time management
● Midnight service projects 25 hours
● Before deadline work finishing.
● Certified projects by manufacturer
● Manufacturer guaranty up to 25 years

Three service levels

● Attention to SMEs
● Corporate attention (certified projects and complex networks)
● Maintenance agreements and performance tests.

Specialized divisions

How much harm have power failures done to your company? If you are not well prepared, you may have time to meditate about it in darkness.

Here in RedCorp we know the importance of security in your organization. We have the physical and logical security solutions your company needs.

We develop your executive building project industrial kind specialized and infrastructure with world class features.