TRs, data centers, EQRS projects.

In RedCorp we have got the experience in data center support system, equipment room, and control room design, implementation, and supply.

● Precision air-conditioning equipment
● Fire extinguishing
● Power and energy quality systems

When your information is valuable and requires an infrastructure properly carried out, you can trust in RedCorp. Our projects are based in ICREA standards (International Computer Room Expert Association) and in ANSI TIA/EIAnorms.

● Electrical project, energy quality
● Armored stubs
● Delaying fire walls
● Delaying fire walls
● Access control
● Temperature regulators
● Power plants
● Canalization systems
● Fire extinguishing and alarm systems

Specialized divisions

How much harm have power failures done to your company? If you are not well prepared, you may have time to meditate about it in darkness.

Here in RedCorp we know the importance of security in your organization. We have the physical and logical security solutions your company needs.

We develop your executive building project industrial kind specialized and infrastructure with world class features.